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A little more about me ūüźč

I'm a Los Angeles based Product Designer from South Africa with over 8 years of global experience.

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Most recently I worked for CBS, Paramount+, Best Buy, MakeReign, and Platinum Seed.

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Selected brand partners - CBS, Skyy Vodka, Glenfiddich, Rémy Martin, Best Buy, Woolworths.

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My career so far

High performing, agile product designer who combines UX thinking with design execution to produce usable, intuitive, and elegant user interfaces. Crafts interactive experiences that are validated by research and executed with extreme attention to detail. Produces a variety of divergent approaches informed by business objectives, user needs and technical capabilities.
August 2020 - Current
Product Design Manager | Paramount+
August 2019 - February 2020
Senior UX Designer | Modern Climate
August 2018 - April 2019
Product Designer | MakeReign
August 2017 - February 2018
Senior UX Designer | Best Buy
July 2015 - April 2017
‚ÄćSenior UX Designer |¬†Platinum Seed

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